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Directions:The questions (1-8) are based on the following statements.

   a) Seeta,Rajinder and Surinder are children of Mr. and Mrs.Maudgil
 b) Renu,Raja and Sunil are children of Mr. and Mrs.Bhaskar
 c) Sunil and Seeta are married and Ashok and Sanjay are their children
 d) Geeta and Rakesh are children of Mr. and Mrs.Jain
 e) Geeta is married to surinder and has three children named Rita,Sonu
       and Raju.
1. How is Rajinder related to Raju?
  a)brother    b)uncle        c)brother in law       d)cousin       
  e)maternal uncle
2.How is Rajinder related to Ashok?
  a)brother in law     b)father in law        c)cousin       
  e)maternal uncle
3.How is Rakesh related to surinder?
  a)brother    b)cousin       c)uncle        d)maternal uncle
  e)brother in law
4.How is rakesh related to raju?
  a)brother    b)cousin       c)uncle        d)maternal uncle
  e)brother in law
5.what is sanjay's surname?
  a)bhaskar    b)jain         c)maudgil      d)surinder
  e)none of these
6.Renu is sanjay's
  a)sister     b)sister in law c)cousin       d)niece 
7.Raju's surname is 
  a)Jain       b)bhaskar      c)maudgil      d)surinder
  e)none of these
8.Sunil and Rakesh are related as
  a)brothers   b)cousins      c)uncle and cousin     d)brother in law
  e)none of these
Passage (questions 9 to 12):
   Amit is the son of Rahul.Sarika,Rahul's sister has a son sonu and a daughter Rita.
Raja is the maternal uncle of sonu.
9. How is Amit related to sonu?
  a)Nephew     b)Cousin(brother)      c)uncle        d)brother
  e)none of these
10. How is rita related to raja?
  a)sister     b)daughter     c)niece        d)aunt
  e)none of these
11.How many nephews does raja have?
  a)1   b)2     c)3     d)4     e)none
12.What is the relationship of Raja with Rita?
  a)uncle      b)brother      c)maternal uncle       d)nephew
  e)cant be determined
Directions:Following questions pertains to Ques 13 - 15
There are six persons S1,S2,S3,S4,S5 and S6
S3 is the sister of S6
S2 is the brother of S5's husband
S4 is the father of S1 and grandfather of S6.
There are 2 fathers, one mother and 3 brothers in the family
13. Who is S5's husband?
  a)S2  b)S3    c)S1    d)S4    e)S6
14.Who is the mother?
  a)S1  b)S2    c)S3    d)S5    e)cannot be determined
15.How many male members are there?
  a)1   b)2     c)3     d)4     d)cannot be determined
Passage (Questions 16-20)
   Mr and Mrs sharma have two children Asha and Shashi. Shashi married Radha, 
daughter of Mrs Mahajan. Suresh , son of Mrs Mahajan married Rita. Sonu and
Rocky are born to Suresh and Rita. Uma and Sudha are the daughters of Shashi 
and Radha.
16. What is Sudha's relation to Asha?
  a) Sister    b)niece        c)Aunt         d)Daughter
  e)none of these
17.How is Sonu related to Mr Mahajan?
  a)son in law b)sib          c)grandson     d)none of these
  e)cannot be determined
18.How is Asha related to Radha?
  a)mother in law      b)aunt  c)sister in law d)niece
  e)none of the above
19.What is the surname of sonu?
  a)Mahajan    b)sharma       c)shashi       d)cannot be detemined
20.How is suresh related to sudha?
  a)brother    b)maternal uncle       c)uncle d)cousin
  e)cannot be determined
Following information pertains to ques 21-25:
    -In a family of seven three generations are living together
    -The family consists two married couples having two children each
    -Gopal is lucky t have two grandchildren
    -There are two housewives and both are beautiful
    -Gopal who is Manoj's father , is a lawyer and earns the most.
    -jyotsna is the sister of a lecturer and herself is a nurse
    -Anuradha is married to a lecturer who is Nidhi's son
    -Jyothika is the grand daughter of one of the housewives and is a 
     classical dancer
21. What is Manoj's profession?
  a)student    b)lecturer     c)lawyer       d)cannot be determined
  e)none of these
22.How many male members are there in the family?
  a)2   b)3     c)4     d)cannot be determined e)none of these
23.Which of the following statements is not true?
  a)The nurse is sister in law of the housewives
  b)Gopal has two grand children
  c)Nidhi has a son and a daughter
  d)Gopal has two children
  e)Anuradha has a son and a daughter
24.Who are the children of Nidhi?
  a)jyotsna and manoj  b)anuradha and jyotsna c)anuradha and manoj
  d)cannot be determined       e)none
25.who among the following is one of the married couples?
  a)Gopal-jyotika      b)Nidhi-Gopal  c)Manoj-Jyotika d)cannot be determined
26.Anil introduces Rohit as the son of the only brother of his fathers wife.How 
   is Rohit related to Anil?
  a)cousin     b)uncle        c)brother      d)father
27.Pointing out to a photograph , a man tells his friend,"she is the daughter of 
   the only son of my fathers wife.How is the girl in the photograph related to 
   the man?
  a)niece      b)daughter     c)mother       d)none of these
28.X introduces Y saying ,"He is the husband of the granddaughter of the father
   of my father".How is Y related to X?
  a)brother    b)brother in law       c)daughter     d)datainadequate
Questions 29-31: I)In a family of six persons A,B,C,D,E and F there are two married 
                II)D is grandmother of A and mother of B
               III)C is wife of B and mother of F
                IV)F is the grand daughter of E
      now answer the following questions based on the above conditions.
29.What is C to A?
  a)mother     b)grandmother  c)daughter     d)granddaughter
30.How many male members are there in the family?
  a)cannot be determined       b)2     c)3     d)0
31.Who are the two couples?
  a)BC and DE  b)AC and DB    c)cannot be determined d)none of these
32.What will be the daughter of the woman who is the mother of the husband of my 
   mother to  me?
  a)mother     b)aunt  c)grandmother  d)niece
33.A woman sees the photograph of a man and saus."this mans sister is my mother in
   law". HOw is the womans husband related to the man in the photograph?
  a)uncle      b)brother      c)father       d)none of these
34.How is your mothers sisters brothers wifes child related to you?
  a)sister     b)brother      c)cousin       d)none of these
Directions(Questions 35-39):
           There are six persons A,B,C,D,E and F.C is the sister of F.B is the brother
 of E's husband.D is the father of A and grandfather of F.There are two fathers , three 
 brothers and a mother in the group.
35.Who is the mother?
  a)A   b)B     c)D     d)E
36.Who is E's husband?
  a)B   b)C     c)A     d)F
37.How many male members are there in the group?
  a)one b)two   c)three d)four
38.How is F related to E?
  a)uncle      b)husband      c)son   d)daughter
39.Which of the following is  a group of brothers?
  a)ABF b)ABD   c)BFC   d)BDF
40.A party consists of grandmother,father,mother,four sons and their wives and one
   son and two daughters to each of the sons.How many females are there is all?
  a)14  b)26    c)18    d)none of these


1.D I L Q T Y B G ?
  A)H   B)I     C)0     D)P     E)J
2.X U S P N K I ?
  A)J   B)K     C)M     D)F     E)O
3.D F I M R ?
  A)S   B)U     C)U     D)X     E)Z
4.B D G I L N ?
  A)O   B)Q     C)S     D)U     E)Q
5.D I L Q T Y B G ?
  A)H   B)J     C)R     C)J     E)Q
6.J E Z U P J ?
  A)K   B)M     C)O     D)P     E)K
  A)KL  B)LM    C)MN    D)NO    E)CL
8.T U N K H ?
  A)F   B)L     C)S     D)E     E)R
  A)AY  B)VB    C)CW    D)DX    E)MP
10. A D C F
    C F E H
    E H G K
    O R ? ?
  A)LK  B)MN    C)ST    D)QT    E)XY
11.ABC abc DEF __?
  A)ghi B)GHI   C)ABC   D)def pp s ?
  A)Vv  B)vv    C)ST    D)pp
13.9 15 23 33 ?
  A)44  B)36    C)38    D)45
14.12 8 14 6 16 ?
  A)18  B)32    C)5     D)4
15.9 6 16 10 30 18 ? 34
  A)36  B)60    C)58    D)90
16.68 81 96 ? 132
  A)105 B)110   C)130   D)113
17.2 5 9 ? 20 27
  A)48  B)12    C)14    D)24
18.30 23 17 12 ?  5
  A)6   B)7     C)8     D)9
19.10 18 24 ?? 130 254 258
  A)32  B)60    C)68    D)66
20.18 10 6 4 3 ?
  A)8   B)4     C)3.5   D)2.5
21.a D g J m P
  A)sp  B)sP    C)sV    D)Sv
22.aa bbb cccc ?
  A)ddjjj      B)dddjj C)ddddd D)DDDDD
23.accce ACCCE ?
  A)GJJJK fjjjk B)GIIIK giiik  C)GIIIIK ghhhk D)GIIIK GiiiK
24.AI BJ CK ?
  A)LM  B)GH    C)AR    D)SE    E)DL
  A)PQ  B)QR    C)QT    D)HL    E)HO
26.A E J
   P T ?
  A)U   B)V     C)R     D)W     E)X
27.AC EG BD FH IK __
  A)LM  B)OP    C)IJ    D)JL    E)JK
28.A C F J O ?
  A)P   B)Q     c)U     D)V     E)L
29.A D E H I L ?
  A)MP  B)MN    C)MO    D)MQ    E)NM
30.CD HI MN ??
  A)QS  B)RS    C)OP    D)PQ    E)ST
31.I M Q U X B ?
  A)C   B)D     C)F     D)G     E)E
32.Z X V T R P ?
  A)Q   B)R     C)S     D)M     E)N
33.4 9 20 43 90 ?
  A)180 B)182   C)179   D)185
34.5 9 16 29 54 103 ?
  A)102        B)94    C)103   D)200
35.5 8 12 17 23 ? 38
  A)26  B)28    C)30    D)29
36.4 5 7 ? 19
  A)8   B)9     C)10    D)11
37.4 10 22 46 ?
  A)56  B)66    C)76    D)94
38.2 3 4 25 4 9 16 ---
  A)625 B)689   C)79    D)272
39.A H L E
   E N T ?
  A)U   B)V     C)W     D)O
40.B E I N T ?
  A)R   B)S     C)U     D)A     E)V


Directions: In each of the following questions, a statement is given,
followed by two conclusions. Give answer (a) if only conclusion I follows,
(b) if only conclusion II follows (c) if either I or II follows; (d) if
neither I nor II follows and(e) if both I and II follow
1.Statement : Morning walks are good for health
  Conclusions: I. All healthy people go for morning walks
              II.Evening walks are harmful.
2.Statement : Good voice is a natural gift but one has to keep practising
              to improve and excel well in the field of music
  Conclusions: I.Natural gifts need nurturing and care
              II.Even though your voice is not good, one can keep
3.Statement : The use of non-conventional sources of energy will eliminate
               the energy crisis in the world
  Conclusions: I.Modern technology is gradually replacing the conventional 
                 sources of energy
              II.The excessive exploitation of environment has led to 
                 depletion of conventional sources of energy
4.Statement : Any student who does not behave properly while in the school
              brings bad name to himself and also for the school
  Conclusions: I.Such student should be removed from the school
              II.Stricter discipline does not improve behaviour of the
5.Statement : Smoking is one of those human weaknesses which tend to test
              the will power of the smoker to the edge
  Conclusions: I. It is very dificult for the smokers to give up smoking 
                  even if they want to do so
              II.Human beings have other weaknesses as well
Directions(questions 6 to 10): In each of the following questions, a statement
/group of statements is given followed by some conclusions. Choose the conclusion
which logically follows from the given statements.
6.Statements: 1.All students in my class are bright
              2.Manish is not bright
              a)some students are not bright
              b)manish must work hard
              c)nonbright ones are students
              d)manish is not a student of my class
7.Statement : Three fourth of the students of standard VII consisting of 48 boys 
              and 12 girls know swimming
              a)girls are poor swimmers
              b)swimming is compulsory in this school
              c)one fourth of the boys do not know swimming
              d)the percentage of boys who know swimming is more than that of girls
              e)none of these
8. Statement : Most of the politicians are liars. Harish tells lies
              a)Harish is a politician
              b)Those who do not tell lies are not politicians
              c)Some politicians do not tell lies.   
              d)you can only benifit by telling lies.
9.Statement : Ability is poor mans wealth
              a)A poor man is always able
              b)A poor man has the ability to earn wealth
              c)A walthy man is always able
              d)A poor man can earn wealth if he has ability
10.Statements: 1.only students can participate in the race
               2.some participants in the race are females
               3.All female participants in the race are invited for coaching
              a)All participants in the race are invited for coaching
              b)All participants in the race are males
              c)All students are invited for coaching
              d)All participants in the race are students
Directions(questions 11 to 15):In the following questions there are given some
statements followed by conclusions that can be drawn from them.Choose the conclusion 
which appeals to you to be the most correct.
11.The Taj is in Agra.Agra is in India.Therefore,Taj is in India
   A)true      b)probably false       c)false d)cant say
12.The presence of calcium in milk makes it white.Rice,too, is white. 
   Therefore , rice also contains calcium
   a)false     b)probably true        c)true  d)cant say
13.Hydrogen is lighter than oxygen.Hydrogen is lighter than helium.Therefore
   oxygen is the heaviest of the three gases
   a)false     b)probably false       c)true  d)cant say
14.people who are bald are generally of the intellectual type.Arun is bald.Therefore
   arun is an intellectual
   a)true      b)probably true        c)false d)cant say
15.Jatin,Kamal, and Navin are three mountaineers.Jatin is kamals brother.kamal is
   navins brother.navin is not jatins brother.therefore,navin is jatins sister
   a)true      b)probably false       c)false d)cant say
Diretions(questions 16 to 25):In each question below are given two statemnts followed
by two conclusions numbered I and II.You have to take the given two statements to be 
true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts. Read the conclusions
and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the two given statements,
disregarding commonly known facts.
    Give answer (a) if only conclusion I follows (b) if only conclusion II follows;(c) if
either I or II follows (d) if neither I nor II follows and (e) if both I and II follow
16. Statements  : All planets are moons
                  All moons are stars
    Conclusions : I.All moons are planets
                 II.All planets are stars
17. Statements   : All men are dogs
                  All dogs are cats
    Conclusions  : I.All men are cats
                 II.All cats are men
18. Statements   : All bags are cakes
                  All lamps are cakes
    Conclusions  : I.Some lamp are bags
                 II.No lamp is bag
19. Statements   : Some players are singers
                   all singers are tall
    Conclusions  : I.Some players are tall
                 II.All players are tall
20. Statements   : All locks are keys.
                  No key is a spoon
    Conclusions  : I. No lock is a spoon
                 II.No spoon is a lock
21. Statements   : All plants are trees
                  No tree is green
    Conclusions  : I.Some plants are green
                 II.Those plants which are not trees are green
22. Statements   :No magazine is cap
                  All caps are cameras
    Conclusions  :I.No camera is magazine
                  II.Some caps are magazines
23. Statements   : Some books are toys
                   No toy is red
    Conclusions  : I.Some books are red
                  II.some books are not red
24. Statements    : No man is a donkey
                   Rahul is a man
    Conclusions   : I.Rahul is not a donkey
                   II.All men are not Rahul
25. Statements    :All poles are guns
                   Some boats are not poles
    Conclusiosn   : I.All guns are boats
                   II.Some boats are not guns.
Directions for questions 26-28: Each of these questions has a main statement followed by
four statements labelled A,B ,C amd D.Choose the ordered pair of statements,where the first 
statement implies the second and the two statements are logically with the main statement
26. There is a possibility of war, unless the 'kashmir issue' is resolved
     A. The 'kashmir issue' is resolved
     B. There is no possibility of war
     C. There is a possibility of war
     D. The kashmir issue is not resolved
    a) BC      b)CA    c)BA    d)DB
27. If we have faith in God, then we'll be healthy and wealthy.
     A. We are healthy and wealthy
     B. Wr are healthy but not wealthy
     C. We do not have faith in God
     D. WE have faith in God
    a)AD and CB c)DB and CA    c)DA and BC    d)none
28. I'll be stationed at the USA or the UK,only if i get this job.    
     A. I got this job
     B. i did not get this job
     C. iam stationed at the UK or the USA
     D. iam stationed at neither the USA nor the UK
    a)AC and DB        b)BD and CA    c)BD and AC    d)none
Directions for questions 29-31:  Each of these questions contains 6 statements followed by
   four sets of combination of three statements.Choose the set in which the statements are
   logically related.
29.  A.Switch is not off
     B.All switch are lights
     C.Switch is not on
     D. All lights are on
     E.Off is not on
     F.Some switches are on.
    a) EAC     b)DBC   c)FDB   d)DEF
30.  A.All insects are ants
     B.Aunts are relatives
     C.Any relative is insect
     D.Many flies are insects
     E.Some relatives are flies
     F. A few ants are flies
    a)CDE      b)BCD   c)FEB   d)DAC
31.  A.Every sun is a planet
     B.No planet is a star
     C.Andromeda is sun
     D.Many suns are stars
     E.Most of the stars are andromeda
     F.All planets are not sun
   a) ADB      b)CDE   c)BDF   d)ECF
Directions for questions 32 - 34: Each questions given below is a statement followed by four 
different statements. Choose the one which is the correct negation of he given statement
32.  It will rain only if we offer a sacrifice to god
    a) It rained means we offered a sacrifice to god
    b) We did not offer a sacrifice to god means it will not rain
    c) It rained even when no sacrifice was offered to god
    d) We offered a sacrifice to god although it will not rain
33. I will not get good marks unless i revise regularly
    a)I did not get good marks because i had not revised regularly
    b)I got good marks means i revised regularly
    c)I did not revise regularly means i will not get good marks
    d)I did not reviese regarly but still i got  good marks
34.If i pass the exam, then i will have to face the interview and the group discussion
    a)I passed the exam means i will have to face the interview and the group discussion
    b)I did not face the intervies or did not face the group discussion,although i passed
      the exam
    c)I did not pass the exam,still i faced the interview and the group discussion
    d)None of these
Directions for questions 35 - 37: Each question consists of six statements followed by options
 consisting of three statements put together in a specific order.Choose the option that indicates
 a valid argument,that is when the thir statement is a conclusion drawn from the preceding two 
35.  A.All hospitals do not have statements
     B.No patient is ill
     C.Most ill are in hospitals
     D.All sick are not ill
     E.Some ill are not in hospitals
     F.All sick are in hospitals
    a)CDF      b)BEA   c)BCA   d)DEF
36.  A. All A are B
     B.Some E are F
     C.No F is B
     D.All B are not E
     E.Some A are F
     F.Many B are F
    a)BCD      b)CED   c)DFB   d)AEF
37   A.B is poorer than C,who is richer than F
     B.D is richer than E
     C.E is poorer than A and F
     D.A is richer than C
     E.B is poorer than A
     F.Fis poorer than D
    a)ACD      b)AFB   c)BFC   d)DAE
Directions for questions 38 - 40:In each of the following questions , a statement is followed 
 by four different statements. Read the statements carefully and choose the one which logically
 negates the main statement
38. If Arun is at home, then he will not call you
   a)Arun is not at home and he called you
   b)Arun is at home and he did not call you
   c)Arun is at home and he called you
   d)Arun is not at home and he did not call you
39.Either they win the match or they will lose their places in the team
   a)They won the match and they did notlose their places in the team also
   b)They did not win the match and they did not lose thier places in the team
   c)They did not win the match and they lost their plaes in the team
   d)They won the match and they lost their places in the  team
40.Unless he travels at high speed , he will not be able to reach on time
   a)He travelled at high sped and he reached on time
   b)He did not travel at high speed and he did not reach on time
   c)He did not travel at high speed and he reached on time
   d)He travelled at high speed and he did not reach on time.


1.Sham travels 7 km north , then turns right and walks 3 km. He again turns to 
  his righthand side and moves 7 kn many km is sham away from the
  place of his starting the journey?
  a)7 km       b)3     c)8     d)17
2.Reeta drives to North of her place ofstay A and finds after travelling 25 km
  that she has driven in the wrong direction. she then turns to the right and
  travels 2 km and then again turns right and drives straigh another 25 km. how 
  much distance she has now to cover to goback to the point from where she has 
  a)25          b)2    c)5     d)68
3.Rana travels 10 km north turns left and travels 4 km and then again turns right
 and covers another 5km. He then turns to righthand side and travels another 4 km.
 how far is he from the point of starting his journey?
  a)15         b)8     c)5     d)none
4.Seeta and ram both start from a point towards north.Seeta turns to left after 
  walking 10 km. Ram turns right after walking the same distance.seeta waits for 
  some time and then walks another 5 km,whereas ram walks only 3 km. they both then
  return to their respective south and walk 15 km forward. how far is seeta from ram?
  a)15          b)10    C)8     d)12
5.A taxi driver commenced his journey from a point and drove 10 km towards north
  and turned left and drove another 5 km.after waiting to meet one ofhis friends
  ,he turned to his right and continued to drive another 10 km.He has covered a
  distance of 25 km so far but in which direction he now may be>
  a)north      b)east  c)west  d)south
6.There is a ring road connecting points A,B,C and D.The road is in a complete 
  circular form but having several approach roads leading to the centre. exactly in
  the centre of the ring road there is a tree which is 20 km from point A on the 
  circular have taken a round of the circular road starting from point A
  and finish at the same point after touching points B,C and then drive 20km 
  interior towards the tree from point A and from there reach somewhere in between
  B and C on the ring road. How much distance you have to travel from the tree to 
  reach the point between B and C on the ring road?
  a)20         b)15    c)79    d)78
7.A tourist drives 10 km towards east and turns to righthand side and takes a
  drive of another 3 km .he then drives towards west another 3km . he then turns
  to his left and walks another 2km.Afterwards, he turns right and travels 7 km.
  how far is he from his starting pint and in which direction?
  a)10km east  b)8km north    c)5 km west    d)5km south
8.Rahul walks 30 metres towards south.then turns to his right and starts walking 
  straight till he completes another 30 meters.then again turning to his left he
  walks for 20 meters.he then turns to his left and walks for 30 far 
  is he from his initial position?
  a)50         b)78    c)23    d)67
9.Vandana drove her car for 30 km due north. then she turned left and drove for 
  40 km,she then turned left again and drove yet another 30 km.again she turned left 
  and drove her car far do u think she actually drove her car from the initial
  a)10         B)5     c)89    d)none
10.Shalloo ran 20 m to the east, then he turned left and walked for 15m then turned
   right and went 25 m and then tturned right agian and went 15m . how far was shalloo
   from the starting point?
  a)45         b)35    c)25    d)15
11.A girl leaves from herhome.She first walks 30m in north west directions and then 30
   . in south west she walks 30m in south east direction.finally,she turns 
   towards her which direction is she moving?
  a)north east b)east  c)west  d)south
12.From his house lokesh went 15kms to the north. then he turned west and covered 10 kms.
   then he turned south and covered 5kms.finally,turning to est,he covered what
   direction is he from his house?
   a)east      b)west  c)north d)south
13.Kunal walks 10km towards north.from here he walks 6km towards south.then,he walks
   3km towards far and in which direction is he with reference to his starting
    a)5km west b)7km west     c)7km east     d)5km north east
14. A man is facing south.he turns 135 degrees in the anti clockwise direction and
    then 180 degrees in the clock wise direction. which directon is he facing now?
    a)north east       b)nort hwest   c)south east   d)south west
15.A man facing northwest.he turns 90 degrees in the clockwise direction and then
  135 degrees in the anti clockwise direction.which direction is he facing now?
    a)east     b)west  c)north d)south
16.A rat runs 20' towards east and turns to right,runs 10' and turns to right,runs 9' 
   and agian turns to left . runs 5' and then turns to left,runs 12' and finally turns to 
   left and runs 6'.now,which direction is the rat facing?
    a)east     b)west  c)north        D)south
17.A  walks 10metres infront. and 10 metres to the right. then everytime turning to his 
   left walks 5,15 and 15 mtrs respectively. how far is he now from his starting point?
   a)5  b)27    c)7     d)2
18.Laxman went 15kms to the west from my house, then turned left and walked 20 kms.He 
   then turned east and walked 25kms and finally turning left covered 20kms. how far was 
   he from his house? 
   a)5  b)10    c)40    d)80
19.Iam facing east.I turn 100 deg in the clockwise direction and the 145 deg in the 
  anti clockwise direction.Which direction am i facing now?
  a)east       b)northe ast   c)north        d)south west
20.Deepa moved a distance of 75 mtrs towards the north. she then turned to the left
   and walking for about 25 mtrs , turned left again and walked 80 mts. finally , she
 turned to the right at an angle of 45 deg. In which direction was she moving finally>
  a)north east b)north west   c)south        d)south west
Questions 21-24
        If you start running from a point towards north and after covering 4kms you turn
 to your left and run 5km, and then again turn to your left and run 9km and then turn to 
 left again and run another 6km and before finishing you take another left and run 1km then 
 answer questions 21 - 24
21.How many km are you from the place you started?
  a)1   b)2     c)3     d)4
22.In which direction will you be running while finishing?
  a)east       b)west  c)north d)south
23.after taking the second turn, in which diretion will you be running?
  a)east       b)west  c)north d)south
24.From the finishing point if you have to reach the point from where you started, in which
  direction will u have to run?
  a) east      b)west  c0north d)south
Directions(25-27): Study the given information and answer the following questions
    I) there are 6 check posts A,B,C,D,E AND F
   II)check post F is 15 kms to the north of D which is 25 kms to the north east of B
  III) check post A is 5kms west of E and 15 kms to the south west of C
   IV)B,A and E are in straghtline
    V)the check posts B and E are 30kms apart from each other
25. which check post is the farthest to the south west of D?
  a) A  b)B     c)C     d)D
26.which port is the nearest and to the north east of E?
  a)A   b)B     c)C     d)D
27.If  a jeep moves from E to F via A,B and D, how much distance it will have to cover?
  a)130 b)189   c)289   d)797
Directions(28-32): Ram walks 2km towards north and urn to his right and walks 4km more.
  he then turns to his right and walks 4km and  turns again to his right and walks 
  another 4km.Here he meets renu coming from the opposite directions.They both stop here.
28.After taking the first turn, in which direction was Ram going?
  a)south      b)north c)west  d)east
29.If the starting point is marked A and finishing point is marked B,What will be the distance
   between these points?
  a) 10        b)8     c)6     d)2
30.From which direction was Ram coming?
  a)south      b)north c)west  d)east
31. After taking the second turn, in which direction was Ram walking>
  a) west      b)north c)south east   d)south
32. If ram is to again reach the point from where he started in which direction will he have
   to go from where he's standing now?
   a)east      b)north        c)south east   d)north east
33.If A is to the south of B and C is to the east of B, in what direction is A with respect to
   a)northe east       b)northwest    c)south east   d)south west
34.There are 4 towns P,Q, R and T.Q is to the south west of F,R is to the east of Q and 
   south east of P,and T is to the north of R in line with QP.In which direction of P is T 
   a)south east b)north c)north east   d)east
35.If south east becomes north,north east becomes west and so on, what will west become?
   a)northe east       b)north west   c)south east   d)south west
36. One morning after sunrise,Gopal was standing facing a pole.The shadow of the pole fell 
    exactly to his right.What direction was he facing?
   a)south     b)east  c)west         d)data inadequate
37.One morning after sunrise reeta and kavitha were talking to each otherface to face at 
   Tilak square.If kavita's shadow was exactly to the right of reeta, which direction kavitha
   was facing?
   a)north     b)south        c)east  d)data inadequate
38.One morning after sunrise,vikram and shailesh were standing in a lawn with their backs
   towards each other.vikrams shadow fell exactly towards left hand side.Which direction
   was shailesh facing?
   a)easr      b)west  c)north        d)south
39.One evening before sunset two friends sumit and mohit were talking to eash other face  
   to face.if mohits shadow was exactly to his right side,which direction was sumit facing?
   a)north     b)south        c)west  d)none of these
40.A clock is so placed that at 12 noon its minute hand points towards north east.In which
   direction does its hour hand point at 1.30 pm?
   a)north     b)south        c)east  d)west 


Directions: Questions 1-6 are based on the following coding patterns: If 'EFGHIK' 
are coded letters representing VUTSRQP, choose the right code for the word given
in capital letters from the answer choices(a-e) given under each
   a)KNRNC     b)ORNRG        c)JKOKG        d)RSTSG        e)MHLHS
   a)IFLT      b)HLFI         c)LIFT         d)IHIF         e)FLTI
   a)KLXPUC    b)KLXUPG       c)KLXGUP       d)KLXVPG       e)KLXPVG
   a)TILFK     b)TILEL        c)TILGH        d)TILHG        e)TFGFK
   a) STRS     b)RJHR         c)GLOG         d)RSTR         e)SRTS
   a)BUHN      b)AVIM         c)AVIL         d)AUTL         e)AVTI
7. If OVER is coded as QYIW and UP as WS, then STAR is coded as
   a)UWEV      b)UWDV         c)UVBS         d)UWEW         e)UWEX
8.In a certain code DELHI is written as CDKGH and MADRAS is written as IZCWZR,
  then how will you code PATNA?
   a)OZTMZ     b)OZSMB        c)QBUMB        d)OZTZM        e)OZMSZ
9. If FIRE is coded for a secret message to be teleprinted as EHQD how is the reply 
   DONE to be relayed?
   a)DMOE      b)CNMD         c)DLNC         d)DNPE         e)DMPE
10. DRIVER = 7
    ACCIDENT = ?
   a) 9        b) 8           c)6            d)18           e) 0
Directions(questions 11-15):Based on the following code and key scheme, code and 
 decode the words/letters written in capital letters
       CODE     Z A X B Y O T W C M I
       KEY      B U E T F A I R U L D
   a) ZXOCIF   b)TXACIF       c)ZXOCFI       d)ZXOFCI       e)ZXCOFI
   a) YOTMXI   b)YOTMXD       c)YOTMIX       d)AIRMXD       e) YOTXIM
13. FLAIR      
   a) YMOTW    b)YMUTW        c)YMIOW        d)YMOIW        e)YMWIO
15. If 'HBPQMNOT' stands for 'SUNDAY TO', how will you write 'YOU DO SO' using
    the coding scheme used for 'SUNDAY TO' ?
   a)NTBQTHT   b)NTBQTHB      c)NTQBTHB      d)NTQBTHT      e) NTBQHTB
16. If in a certain language , CALCUTTA is coded as GEPGYXXE, which word would
    be coded as FSQFCE?
   a) BOMBYA   b)BOMBAY       c)BOMYAB       d)BOBAYM       e) BOBAMY
17.If DELHI is coded as 73541 and CALCUTTA as 82589662, how can CALICUT be
   a)5279431    b)5978213      c)8251896      d)8543691      e)547362
18.In a certain code , RIPPLE is written as 613382 and LIFE is written as 
   8192. How is PILLER written in that code?
   a)318826    b_776655       c)786543       d)156724       e)675429
19. If JUNK is written as B5C7B7A11, which one among the following words can be 
    written as B4C3B7B2?
   a)BIND      b)BEND         c)HANG         d)HIND         e)NONE
20. In a certain code, '37' means 'which class' and '583' means 'caste and class'.
    What is the code for 'caste'?
   a) 3        b)7            c) 8           d)either 5 or 3 e)either 5 or 8 
Directions : "GOAHEAD" is coded as JRDKHDG and STOP is coded as VWRS, how will
  you code/decode the letters given in capitals in question 21-26
21. FIRE
   a) URIV     b)IUJG         c)LUHI         d)ILUH         e)NONE
   a)VKRRW     b) UMSSX       c)JJWUK        d)HJSWL        e)HUWOK
   a)UHWXUQ    b)HJKWER       c)HUELUE       d)UHWKAL       e)UJKALA
   a) STAIN    b)STEPS        c)SPORT        d)STAND        e)START
25. HEAD
   a)UHGD      b)KHKL         c)UJDG         d)HULA         e)NONE
26. GRZQ
   a)OWNS      b) DOWN        c)DONE         d)COME         e)SHUT
27. If HJSM means GIRL, what does RNES mean?
   a) BOYS     b)COWS         c)TOYS         d)SOFT         e)BILL
28. If 'DBMDVUUB' stands for 'CALCUTTA'       , how will you code BOMBAY?
   a) DQODDX   b)CPNCBZ       C)DPNCB        d)CPMCBX       e)CPNVFZ
29. PROMOTION is written in a certain coded message as 'Q S P 89'
   a) EFBKYOLO b) EG89         c)DE89         d)DE117        e)EF 89
30. If TEACHER and HIGHLY are written as XWPBRWM and QSNRDZ respectively, how
    will you code the word CHARITY?
31. 'SCHOOL = PNIKKB' and ME=ZY , how will you write 'COOLHOME'?
32. If CLIPOSE stands for MTDFBE ,  how will you code POLICE?
   a) FTBHTM   b)FBTDME       c)FBTDEM       D)FTBDMF       e)FHAUEE
33.XYMNOPQ is decoded as NBOUIGT code OUTING
   a)MNQOXN    b)MNOQXN       c)MNQOPX       d)HJHDFAUE     e)MNHEUA
34. LOAD is coded as MPBE and  DRIVE as ESJWF. how will you code the word 'LADDER'
   a)MDEEFS    b)MBEEFS       c)NCFFGT       d)MBEESP       e)OCFFGE
35.GO AT ONCE is coded message received as 'JB SM BQZY' and you are required
   to relay the answer in a code saying GO TO GATE. Select the code you will be 
   using based on the scheme applied in the example here?
36. START=WALKA and BUDPI-XZFMQ, hw will you code 'STUPID'?
   a)BASMOE      b)WAZNOF      c)HFUHEH       d)HFAUEK       e)HFEUAL
37. If in a certain code , 'bir le nac' means 'green and tasty';'pic nac hor' means 
    'tomato is green' and 'coc bir hor' means 'food is tasty'. Which of the follwing
     means 'tomato is tasty' in that code?
   a)bir le hor  b)pic hor nac c)hor bir pic  d)none         e)cannot be predicted
Questions 38 - 40
   In a certain code ,'il be pee' means 'roses are blue','sik hee' means 'red flowers'
   and 'pee mit hee' means 'flowers are vegetables'
38. How is 'red' written in that code?
   a)hee       b)sik   c)be                   d)cannot be determined e)none
39.How is 'roses' written in that code?
   a)il         B)PEE  C)BE                    d)cannot be determined e)none
40.How is 'vegetables are red flowers' written in this code?
   a) pee sik mit hee  b)sik peehee be c)il sik mit hee       d)none
// k


1.The ratio between kishor rahi and his father's age is 1:4,if 5 years ago,his father
  was 7 times older to him at that time,what is kishore's age today?
  a)30  b)40    c)60    d)28    e)32
2.The average age of two daughters of Mrs.Mathews is 15 years.If the age of Mrs.Mathews 
  is added,the average becomes 20 years.How old is Mrs Mathews?
  a)35  b)60    c)55    d)45    e)50
3.Mrs.Malik is twice as old as her daughter Manu.20 years ago,the age of MRs Malik was 
  12 times Manu's age.Calculate how old is Mrs Malik today.
  a)40  b)45    c)60    d)50    e)44
4.Sonu and Manu's age ratio is 4:3.If sum of their ages is 28 years,the ratio of their
  ages after 8 years will be...
  a)5:4 b)2:3   c)5:6   d)3:2   e)1:4
5.Ratio of Dolly and Vandana's age is 2:3 and the sum of their ages is 60 years.How old
  is Dolly?
  a)12  b)16    c)24    d)30    e)20
6.The average age of 10 boys in a hostel comes out to be 14.A new admission brought down
  their average age by one year.How old the new recruit must be
  a)4   b)5     c)12    d)3     e)11
7.Ravi is as much younger to Nitin as he is older to Lokesh.If  the sum of ages of Nitin 
  and Lokesh is 24 years,how old is Ravi?
  a)10  b)12    c)24    d)48    e)6
8.Ratio of Raveesh and his wife's age is 4:3.Raveesh will be 24 after 4 years.How old is
  his wife?
  a)12  b)15    c)16    d)10    e)14
9.Ratio of Lokesh's age to his mother's age is 4:7.The difference between their ages is
  33 years.How old is Lokesh today?
  a)44  b)33    c)11    d)30    e)60
10.Average of ages of Eva and Meena is 12 years and average age of Meena,Teena and Zareena
   comes out to be 48.The total age of four girls would be?
  a)140 b)60    c)84    d)72    e)cannot be determined
11.In a class of 20 students , if the average of 16 year is reduced by 2 year if Mohan joins
   in,can you calculate Mohan's age.If yes,then find out.
  a)24  b)20    c)28    d)26    e)30
12.Treeza is as much as younger to Eveline as she is older to eyeline.If the sum of age of 
   Eveline and Eyeline is 80 years,how old is treeza?
  a)64  b)46    c)32    d)48    e)40
13.The ratio of grandfather's age and grandson's age is 8:3.If the product of their ages is 
   120 years.How old is the grandson?
  a)18  b)12    c)15    d)9     e)8
14.Fathers age is 5 times his son's age.4 years back the fayjer was 9 times older than son.
   Find the father's present age.
  a)40  b)28    c)67    d)56    e)80
15.Father's age is reverse of son's year back fathers age was twice of sons age.whats
   the fathers current age?
  a)89  b)70    c)73    d)56    e)67  
16.Sachin is younger than rahul by 4 years.If their ages are in the respective ratio of 7:9,
   how old is sachin?
  a)16years    b)18 years     c)28 years     d)none of these
17.Abhay's age after six years will be three seventh ofhis fathers age.Ten years ago the ra-
   tio of their ages was 1:5.What is Abhays fathers age at present?
  a)45 years   b)50 years     c)68 years     d)57 years
18.One year ago,the ratio of gaurav's and sachins age was 6:7 respectively.Four years hence,
   their ratio would become 7:8.How old is sachin?
  a)36 years   b)35 years     c)34 years     d)32 years
19.The present age of a father is 3 years more than three times the age of his son.Three years
   hence fathers age will be 10 years more than twice the age of the son.Find the present age
   of the father
  a)32 years   b)33 years     c)45 years     d)36 years
20.A person was asked to state his age in years.His reply was ,"take my age three years hence,
   multiply it by 3 and then subract 3 times my age three years ago and you will know how old
   iam." What was the age of the person?
  a)18 years   b)20 years     c)24 years     d)32 years
21.Present ages of sameer and anand are in the ratio of 5:4 respectively.Three years hence,the
   ratio of their ages will become 11:9 respectively.What is Anands present age in years?
  a)24  b)27    c)40    d)cannot be determined
22.My brother is 3 years elder to me.My father was 28 years of age when my sister was born 
   while my mother was 26 years of age when i was born.If my sister was 4 years of age when my
   brother was born,then,what was the age of my father and mother when my brother was born?
  a)32,23      b)32,29 c)35,29 d)35,33
23.Father is ages three times more than his son Rohit.After 8 years,he would be two and a half
   times of Rohit's age.After further 8 years,how many times would he be of Rohit's age?
  a)2 times    b)2 1/2 times  c)2 3/4 times  d)3 times
24.Present ages of X and Y are in the ratio 5:6 respectively.Seven years hence this ratio will
   become 6:7 respectively.What is X's present age in years?
  a)35  b)42    c)49    d)none of these
25.Ayesha's fathers age was 38 years of age when she was born while her mother was 36 years old 
   when her brother four years younger to her was born.What is the difference between the ages 
   of her parents?
  a)2 years    b)4 years      c)6 years      d)8 years
26.A persons present age is two fifth of the age of his mother.After 8 years,he will be one-half
   of the age of his mother.How old is the mother at present?
  a)32 years   b)36 years     c)40 years     d)48 years
27.The sum of the ages of 5 children born at the intervals of 3 years each in 50 years.What is 
   the age of the youngest child?
  a)4 years    b)8 years      c)10 years     d)none of these
28.At present,the ratio between the ages of Arun and Deepak is 4:3.After 6 years,Arun's age will 
   be 26 years.What is the age of Deepak at present?
  a)12 years   b)15 years     c)19 years     d)21 years
29.If 6 years are subracted from the present age of gagan and the remainder is divided by 18,then
   the present age of his grandson anup is obtained.If anup is 2 years younger to madan whose age 
   is 5 years,then what is gagans present age?
  a)48 years   b)60 years     c)84 years     d)96 years
30.The ratio between the present ages of P and Q is 5:7 respectively.If the difference between 
   Q's present age and P's age after 6 years is 2,what is the total of P's and Q's present ages?
  a)48 years   b)52 years     c)cannot be determined d)none of these
31.In 10 years,A will be twice as old as B was 10 years ago.If A is now 9 years older than B,
   the present age of B is
  a)19 years   b)29 years     c)39 years     d)none of these
32.Eighteen years ago,a father was three times as old as his son.Now the father is only twice 
   as old as his son.Then the sum of the present ages of the son and the father is
  a)54  b)72    c)105   d)108
33.Rajan got married 8 years ago.His present age is 6/5 times his age at the time of his marriage.
   Rajans sister was 10 years younger to him at the time of his marriage.The age of Rajans sister
  a)32  b)36    c)38    d)40
34.The ratio between the present ages of P and Q is 6:7.If Q is 4 years old than P.what will be
   the ratio of the ages of P and Q after 4 years?
  a)3:4 b)3:5   c)4:3   d)none of these
35.A father said to his son ," i was as old as u are at present at the time of your birth.If the
   fathers age is 38 years now,the sons age 5 years back was
  a)14 years   b)19 years     c)33 years     d)38 years
36.A man is 24 years  older than his son.In two years , his age will be twice the age of his son.
   The present age of the son is
  a)14  b)18    c)20    d)22
37.The sum of the ages of a father and his son is 45 years.Five years ago,the product of their
   ages was 34.The ages of the son and the father are respectively
  a)6 and 39   b)7 and 38     c)9 and 36     d)11 and 34
38.A is 2 years older than B who is twice as old as C.If the total of the ages of A,B and C be 27.
   then how old is B?
  a)7   b)8     c)9     d)10
39.The age of a man is three times the sum of the ages of his two sons.Five years hence , his
   age will be double of the sum of the ages of his sons.The fathers present age is:
  a)40 years   b)45 years     c)50 years     d)55 years
40.The total age of A and B is 12 years more than the total age of B and C.C is how many years 
   younger than A?
  a)12  b)24    c)C is elder than A    d)data inadequate


1.If a:b=3:7,find the value of (5a+b):(4a+5b)
  a)15:44      b)22:35 c)15:49 d)22:47
2.The ratio between two number is 3:5 and their is 40.Find the larger of two numbers
  a)15  b)20    c)25    d)40
3.A bag contains one rupee,50 paise and 25 paise coins in the ratio 1:2:4.If the
  total amount is Rs 75,then find the number of 50 paise coins in the bag
  a)25  b)50    c)75    d)100
4.If (x+4):(3x+15) is the triplicate of 2:3.Find the value of x
  a)1   b)3     c)4     d)none of these
5.If a is 75% of b,b is 150% of c and d is 25% of c,then find a:d
  a)9:1 b)9:2   c)8:3   d)8:1
6.The present ages of two persons are in the ratio 7:8.Twenty years ago the ratio of
  their ages was 9:11.Find the present age of the older son
  a)64 years   b)72 years     c)56 years     d)40 years
7.Find x:y:z,if 2x+y-5z = 0 and 3x-2y-4z=0
  a)1:2:1      b)1:1:1 c)1:1:2 d)2:1:1
8.A certain sum is divided among A,B and C in a manner that for every rupee that A 
  gets,B gets 75 paise and for every rupee that B gets,C gets 50 paisee.If B's share
  in the total sum is Rs 840.Find the share of A
  a)Rs 2380    b)Rs 2240      c)Rs 1750      d)Rs 1120
9.Seventy eight is divided into two parts such that five times the first part and four
  times the second part are in the ratio 15:14.Find the first part
  a)32  b)36    c)42    d)46
10.A certain amount of money  is divided among A,B and C such that A gets half of what
   B and C gets together.B gets one third of what A and C together get.If A got Rs 500 
   more than B,then how much money was divided?
  a)Rs4500     b)Rs 6000      c)Rs 8000      d)none of these
11.In a school there are 650 students.The ratio of the boys to that of the girls is 8:5.
   How many more girls should join the school so that the ratio becomes 4:3?
  a)25  b)50    c)100   d)200
12.A variable x varies directly as the cube of another variable y.if x=4,y=2,then find y
   when x = 32
  a)4   b)8     c)16    d)32
13.What should be subracted from both the numbers which are in the ratio 3:4 so that the
   ratio becomes 2:3
  a)4   b)6     c)10    d)cannot be determined
14.A varies directly as the sum of the quantities B and C.B in turn varies directly as x and 
   C varies inversely as x.When x=2,A = 6 and when x=4,A=9.Find the value of A when the value 
   of x=16
  a)2 1/2      b)1     c)8 1/2 d)32 1/4
15.The volume of a shere varies directly as the cube of its radius.If three cubes of radii 3 
   cm,4 cm and 5 cm are melted and recast into one sphere,then find the radius of the sphere
  a)5.5 cm     b)6 cm  c)7 cm  d)7.5 cm
Directions for question 16 to 18:These questions are based on the data given below
   There are two colleges in the town-college A and college B.There are 500 students more in
 college A than in college B.The ratio of the boys to that of the girls in college A is 3:2 
 and that in college B is 4:1.The ratios of the number of science,humanities and commerce 
 students in college A and college B are respectively 2:5:3 and 2:3:3.The number of commerce
 students in both the colleges is the same.
16.How many students are there in college A?
   a)2000      b)2500  c)3000  d)3500
17.How many girls are there in two colleges together?
   a)1400      b)1600  c)1700  d)2000
18.How many more/less humanities students are there in college A than in college B?
   a)400 more  b)400 less     c)500 less     d)500 more
19.If (2x+5):(7x-6) is the duplicate ratio of 5:8,then find the value of x
   a)6  b)7     c)10    d)none of these
20.The mean proportional between two numbers is 16 and their third proportional is 128.Find the
   smaller of the two numbers
   a)8  b)12    c)16    d)32
21.A bag contains 50 p,25 p and 10 p coins in the ratio 5:9:4,amounting to Rs 206.Find the 
   number of coins of each type
   a)200,360,160       b)160,360,200  c)360,373,123  d)678,234,763
22.what is the ratio whose terms differ by 40 and the measure of which is 2/7?
   a)16:56     b)14:56 c)15:56 d)16:72
23.A sum of Rs 53 is divided among A,B,C in such a way that A gets Rs 7 more than what B gets
   and B gets Rs 8 more than what C gets.The ratio of their shares is
   a)16:9:18   b)25:18:10     c)18:25:10     d)15:8:30
24.A certain amount was divided between A and B in the ratio 4:3.If B's share was Rs 4800,the 
   total amount was
   a)Rs 11,200 b)Rs 6,400     c)Rs 19,200    d)Rs 39,200
25.If 10% of x = 20% of y,then x:y is equal to
   a)1:2       b)2:1   c)5:1   d)10:1
26.x varies inversely as square of y.Given that y=2 for x=1.The value of x for y=6 will be 
   equal to
   a)3  b)9     c)1/3   d)1/9
27.The ratio of incomes of A and B is 5:4 and the ratio of their expenditures is 3:2.If at
   the end of the year,each saves Rs 1600,then income of A is
   a)Rs 3400   b)Rs 3600      c)Rs 4000      d)Rs 4400
28.Three containers have their volumes in the ratio 3:4:5.They are full of mixtures of milk  
   and water.The mixtures contain milk and water in the ratio of (4:1),(3:1) and (5:2) resp.
   The contents of all these three containers are poured into a fourth container.The ratio
   of milk and water in the fourth container is
   a)4:1       b)151:48       c)157:53       d)5:2
29.In a school,10% of the boys are same in number as 1/4rth of the girls.What is the ratio of
   boys to girls in that school?
   a)3:2       b)5:2   c)2:1   d)4:3
30.The ratio of number of boys and girls in a school is 3:2.If 20% of the boys and 25% of the
   girls are scholarship holders,what percentage of the students does not get the scholarship?
   a)56 b)70    c)78    d)80
31.The sides of a triangle are in the ratio 1/2:1/3:1/4 and its perimeter is 104 cm.The length 
   of the longest side is
   a)52 cm     b)48 cm c)32cm  d)26cm
32.which of the following ratios is greatest?
   a)7:15      b)15:23 c)17:25 d)21:29
33.In a college the ratio of number of girls to boys is 8:5.If there are 160 girls,the total 
   number of students in the college is
   a)100       b)250   c)260   d)416
34.The least whole number which when subracted from both the terms of the ratio 6:7 gives
   a ratio less than 16:21 is
   a)2  b)3     c)4     d)6
35.The speeds of three cars are in the ratio 5:4:6.The ratio between the time taken by them
   to travel the same distance is
   a)5:4:6     b)6:4:5 c)10:12:15     d)12:15:10
36.15 litres of mixture contains 20% alcohol and the rest water.If 3 litres of water be mixed
   with it,the percentage of alcohol in the new mixture would be
   a)15 b)16 2/3       c)17    d)none of these
37.20 litres of mixture contains milk and water in the ratio 5:3.If 4 litres of this mixture 
   be replaced by 4 litres of milk,the ratio of milk to water in the new mixture would be
   a)2:1       b)7:3   c)8:3   d)4:3
38.85 kg of a mixture contains milk and water in the ratio 27:7.How much more water is to be
   added to get a new mixture containing milk and water in the ratio 3:1?
   a)5kg       b)6.5kg c)7.25kg       d)8kg
39.The ages of A and B are in the ratio 3:1.Fifteen years hence,the ratio will be 2:1.Their
   present ages are
   a)30,10     b)45,15 c)21,7  d)60,20
40.The average age of three boys is 25 years and their ages are in the proportion 3:5:7.The 
   age of the youngest boy is
   a)21 b)18    c)15    d)9